FAQ on Doctor's Choice Fenugreek Chocolate Mix (FCM)
  • What is so unique about FCM?
    FCM is the only pre-mixed instant hot chocolate drink with no added sugar. It also contains high soluble fiber from natural herb Fenugreek which is good for gastrointestinal system it helps in delaying absorption of glucose into the blood stream.

  • Can I drink it everyday?
    Certainly. It is a natural hot chocolate drink suitable for everyday consumption. Chocolate has natural anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties. Since it does not have added no sugar, you can drink it for breakfast, in the office and all other occasions.

  • Can it be consumed by the diabetics?
    Absolutely. It's a perfect drink for the diabetics because it contains no added sugar and the Fenugreek extract can help in delaying glucose absorption. You may consult your doctors and dietitian if you need more information on diabetic diets.

  • How does it taste like?
    FCM is made from premium cocoa powder and the finest Fenugreek extract. It is velvety smooth in texture and has a strong, full-bodied chocolate taste. It's good to drink it hot and it'll give you a pleasant aroma and great taste.

  • Any benefits for slimming?
    The Fenugreek extract in FCM that gives you a sense of stomach fullness, hence help in weight control. FCM is low in calories too. (only 87 calories per sachet!)

  • Any other healthy benefits?
    The premium cocoa in FCM has anti-aging property, Fenugreek protects stomach wall and reduces acid-reflux (thus preventing heartburn).

  • Where can I buy?
    You can either purchase FCM at HSC Medical Center (www.hsc.com.my) or at our Online Store www.hsc.com.my/food

  • What is FCM's standard packaging like?
    It comes in 8 sachets per box. Each sachet contains 20 grams of pre-mixed instant FCM powder and it is good for one serving of hot chocolate drink.

  • Since FCM has no added sugar, does it taste sweet?
    Yes, the sweetness of FCM comes from Sucralose - a natural product derived from cane sugar. FDA has granted safe approval for the use of sucralose in foods and beverages. Sucralose is heat-stable, making it the perfect natural sweetener for FCM, without the calories of sugar and disadvantages of other artificial sweeteners.

Dr's Choice EasyTime Relaxing Chocolate Drink contains L-Theanine, an active ingredient found in green tea which may helps relieve stress by inducing relaxing effect without drowsiness during day time and gives a good sleep during night time.