Dr.'s Choice EasyTime Relaxing Chocolate Drink (15s)

Raymond, Kuala Lumpur

Dr's Choice EasyTime relaxing chocolate is simply tasty. It's chocolate is richer than many hot chocolates served in gourmet outlets. I start my day with a cup of coffee, but when the day ends, nothing beats a hot cup of chocolate to unwind the tensions, stresses and pressures of everyday life.
JoJo, Selangor

I am IT professional and every time we have challenging work which gives a lot of stress and result was less sleep. One of my friend asked me to try EasyTime. Since i am drinking it, i feel very relax and can sleep without any stress.

Dr.'s Choice Fenugreek Hot Chocolate Drink (15s)

Huzze, Kuala Lumpur

I was having high blood sugar readings and feeling dizzy from it for the last few months. I was afraid I was getting type 2 diabetes because I was diagnosed with insulin resistance last year, so I started taking Fenugreek Chocolate Mix about a month ago. I have not had any high blood sugar readings since. They are back to normal! It's amazing!


HSC Integrative Medicine is a rising star in Malaysia's food supplements industry with in-house branded health supplement and is a brainchild of HSC's medical professionals and nutritionists.

There is a variety of different supplement in the market, and it has become a challenge for consumers to identify the right health supplement especially for people under conditions including cardiac disease, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity and insomnia.

Today our unique line of products includes HSC Omega-3 Fish Oil, Dr.'s Choice Fenugreek Hot Chocolate Drink and Dr.'s Choice EasyTime Relaxing Chocolate Drink.